We are doing our part to provide our community with an atmosphere of safety while at CVAC. We do this by requiring:

  • Patrons MUST BE WEARING A FACE COVERING to enter the building that covers their nose and mouth. All other will be asked to leave. Their face coverings must remain on when inside of CVAC according to State mandates. 
  • Patrons will PERFORM A SELF-ASSESSMENT before coming to CVAC:
    • Check temperature: If a fever of 100.4 or higher is detected DO NOT COME to CVAC. Contact a medical professional immediately.
    • Check for any two of the following symptoms: Cough, Sore Throat, Shortness of Breath, Runny Nose, Muscle Aches, Loss of Taste or Smell, Headache, Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea. If two or more are detected DO NOT COME to CVAC. Contact a medical professional immediately.
    • Faculty, Students, Staff & Volunteers will stay home when they are sick and not return until they are recovered ie. After they have gone 3-days without the use of fever reducing medication, elimination of cough or shortness of breath OR with permission from their doctor.
  • Patrons must PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING when inside of the building limiting close contact with other people.
  • Patrons will CLEAN THEIR HANDS OFTEN either by: washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or via the use of hand sanitizer. They will also do their best to not touch their own faces.


Insufficient Class Sign-ups:

Entire classes may be postponed or cancelled when enrollment minimums are not met. CVAC will notify students of a cancellation prior to the start of each class, this could be done at the last minute. Students will be notified by e-mail or phone of any cancellations. If a class is cancelled by CVAC, students may opt to receive a credit for future CVAC classes, or the full tuition will be refunded by check and mailed within thirty days.

Class Cancelations & Emergency Closings:

If an instructor must cancel an individual class due an outside conflict, no refunds nor class credits will be issued. Classes will not be held on most national holidays or during extreme inclement weather. CVAC tries to follow the decisions of the Cuyahoga Falls School System regarding weather-related closings. Students can check CVAC’s website or social media posts for updates on closures. Classes cancelled due to snow or other emergencies will not be refunded.


No refunds, credits or make-ups will be given for classes missed by the student (i.e. a student “no show”). The class a student signs-up for, day and time, is the class the student is permitted to attend. No student will be permitted to ‘float’ in between classes.


  • No student will be permitted to arrive to a class more than 15 min before the classes start time. Students arriving earlier will be asked to wait in the gallery or leave until permitted to enter the classroom space.  
  • No student will be permitted to bring additional people with them to class. This includes additional people loitering the gallery or classroom space for the duration or even a portion of class time.
  • CVAC reserves the right up update their classroom policies at any time as warranted, without incurring obligations.



Requesting to drop a class 14 or more days before the start of class: If a student wishes to unenroll in a class 14 or more days before it is scheduled to start, they will have their paid tuition credited minus their $25 deposit.  This credit will be good for one year from its initial purchase date. NO REFUND.

Requesting to drop a class 13 or less days before the start of class: If a student wishes to unenroll in a class 13 or less days before it is scheduled to start, 50% of their tuition payment may be credited minus their $25 deposit. This credit will be good for one year from its initial purchase date. NO REFUND.

Requesting to drop a class after it has started: If a student wishes to unenroll in a class that has already started, NO REFUND NOR CREDIT can be issued.


Credits are good for one-year past the initial date of purchase and may be used towards any of CVAC classes or workshops.


Deposits are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another class session.


The administration reserves the right to alter policies pertaining to courses, fees and other notices on the CVAC website and/or newsletter, as deemed necessary, for the proper functioning of CVAC. The administration also reserves the right to cancel classes, workshops and open studios, and alter scheduling/staffing.

CVAC is committed to a safe environment for all of our students, visitors, instructors, and donors. CVAC has a Zero Tolerance Policy to ensure the security and creative freedom for all.


In order to provide students, members, visitors, and staff with a safe and supportive environment, CVAC has adopted zero tolerance policy. This policy includes the attempted, threatened, or actual conduct done by a person that causes or is likely to cause injury to another student, member, visitor, faculty, or staff member. It includes:

· Physical assaults · Threats or intimidations · Any type of discriminatory behavior · Bullying or abuse · Gestures of a violent or inappropriate nature · Any other behavior that might reasonably give a student cause for fear or create a hostile environment

Acts of this nature will not be tolerated and will be responded to with the immediate removal of the person from CVAC. CVAC reserves the right to refuse registrations to any student if administration or faculty deem the student to be disruptive or dangerous.

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