Reliving the Magic of CreativeCONNECT August 17, 2023: A Captivating Visual Journey

Thank you for making CreativeCONNECT 2023 an unforgettable celebration of art and community!

Experience the Highlights:

As the colors fade and the echoes of laughter linger, we invite you to relive the enchanting moments of CreativeCONNECT 2023. The lobby and gardens of the Akron Art Museum were transformed into a symphony of creativity, showcasing our local artists’ incredible talent and passion. The evening was a heartwarming collection of smiles, stories, and boundless creativity.

Highlights of the CreativeCONNECT event include:

  • Akron Black Artist Guild: Offering an interactive literary activity, bringing a captivating fusion of words and art.
  • Akron Society of Artists: Live painting and drawing sessions with a model within the Beatrice Knapp McDowell Grand Lobby, a pop-up exhibition, as well as plein air painting on site, capturing the museum’s picturesque surroundings.
  • Artists of Rubber City: A pop-up exhibition within AAM’s Beatrice Knapp McDowell Grand Lobby, showcasing a dynamic array of works from local artists.
  • Cuyahoga Valley Art Center: Engaging gallery talks and providing the community with limited sketchbooks for gallery sketching, encouraging creativity and exploration.
  • Hudson Society of Artists: On-site plein air painting throughout the day, capturing the essence of Akron Art Museum’s landscape.
  • Ohio Collage Society: Live collage-making demonstrations and interactive activities to introduce attendees to the fascinating world of collage art.
  • Women’s Art League: Artist demonstrations, providing valuable insights into the creative process.

A Glimpse of the Magic:

Scroll through a gallery of images that capture the essence of the event. From the joyous expressions of attendees to the awe-inspiring works of art, each snapshot tells a story of unity, inspiration, and the power of art to connect us all.

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