Start Date Mon, April 27, 2020 @ 12:00 AM
End Date Sun, May 3, 2020 @ 11:59 PM
Location The Cuyahoga Valley Art Center

Weekly Challenge

Waste Not, Want Not: Upcycle Your Art
April 27 – May 3

We all have those pieces laying around that just did not turnout quite as we expected them to, or old art prints, old greeting cards, magazines that we just can’t part with, etc. Well now is the time to upcycle these into to new and improved works or art! Whether you create a large piece or put together a few cards to send to loved ones, the goal is simply to keep the art flowing and create something new and improved! Need inspiration? Here are some daily prompts to keep you going:

  1.  We all have those art pieces we can’t quite get right, or didn’t quite hit the mark. Let us celebrate those pieces today by combining all that hard work together creating something new!
  2.  Do you have a bunch of magazines or newspapers laying around? Let us put them to good use today and create a unique and possibly timely collage!
  3.  Feeling cooped up? Lets bump up those creative juices by taking small household items and making mini representations of your loved ones. A match box for a body? Paintbrush for a leg? The choice is yours! The goal is the keep the art flowing and spread a little art & cheer.
  4.  Do you have a a bunch of pastels, pencils, or paint bins that are too small to handle or have too little left to move forward? Let us highlight their beauty by creating a pattern or assemblage from their remaining parts. Waste not, want not for this project!
  5.  Do you have scraps of fabric left over from making masks? Or colorful magazines collecting dust? Today, lets give these discarded items new life and create some spring flowers. It is a wonderful way to spread a little art and cheer!
  6.  This weekend, let us go back to the pile, the pile of artwork we never finished, and create something new. Waste not, want not this weekend and give these pieces new life!

Please submit your images:

  • Email them to
  • Within our Event-Page on Facebook
  • To your Facebook Page using the hashtag #cvackeeptheartflowing #CVArtcenter

Challenge Dates: April 27 – May 4 11:59 PM

Any questions? Feel free to reach out and we will do our best to get back with you. And remember, the purpose of this challenge is to create art and have fun! Would you like to donate a prize to this challenge? Awesome! Email us at and we will give you a call.

RULES: The Cuyahoga Valley Art Center reserves the right to utilize participating artists works for marketing purposes.

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