Start Date Tue, June 6, 2023 @ 10:00 AM
End Date Thu, July 13, 2023 @ 3:00 PM
Location The Cuyahoga Valley Art Center


DATES: JUNE 6 – JULY 13, 2023


The Cuyahoga Valley Art Center (CVAC) presents its Floral & Landscape Exhibition, from June 6 – July 13, 2023. The exhibit is free for the public to view, gallery hours Mon-Tue 10-3, Wed 1-6, Thu-Fri 10-3, & Sat 10-2. This juried exhibition offers the community an opportunity to explore local artists’ depictions of flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, and skylines, in a plethora of mediums. The juror Bruce Stebner determined the accepted submissions and the awards for First-Place, Second-Place, Third-Place, and honorable mentions. A People’s Choice selection process shall be held during this exhibition, with the winner announced at the Artist Reception.

Awards will be distributed as the winners are celebrated during the Floral & Landscapes Exhibition Artist Reception on Friday, June 30th from 5:30-7 PM. Patrons will have the opportunity to mingle with the artists, enjoy refreshments and hors d’oeuvres and purchase art during this free reception.

This year’s Floral & Landscape Exhibition is supported in part by Gallery of Framing, LLC

Gallery of Framing, LLC is located in the beautiful, quaint plaza, Merchants’ Square, across the street from Summit Mall at 139 Ghent Rd. in Fairlawn, Ohio 44333. They specialize in framing that not only accents the beauty of the artwork but, protects it as well. In addition to traditional frames, they also provide specialize in custom matting, fine hardwoods, and hand-colored French matting. For more valuable pieces, select preservation framing. The top-quality products and framing methods used in this technique are the same that museums use to frame the classics. At the Gallery of Framing, one can rest assured that their art will be framed by the most qualified professionals. Follow this link to learn more: Gallery of Framing, LLC

Juror: Bruce Stebner

Bruce Stebner - Head Shot

Born with a passion for art, Bruce Stebner came to painting through a serendipitous turn of events after a three-decade run fulfilling his childhood dream to be a studio potter. Stebner’s art is a personal visual record of a lifetime of romancing the rustic. His art seeks to find meaning and beauty in life’s daily moments and simple pleasures. It’s no wonder that, after being drawn to Impressionist painters like Morisot, he found his real identity in the painter’s world with the French Intimist and Symbolist painters of the twentieth century. The doors, chairs, and stairs of his charming, yet enigmatic interior paintings become more and more ethereal symbols of Life’s opportunities, challenges, and repose.

Whether painted at home or abroad, Stebner’s paintings are prized for their energetic strokes, sense of light, and use of color. Should these images of his art speak to you online, the paintings will delight you all the more in person.




It was a pleasure to return to CVAC to serve as judge and jury for this show. The subjects are as old as Art, but continue to inspire both creator and viewer. If it wasn’t a daunting enough job to select which works would be included in this exhibition, it was even more so to assign awards. In both cases, I sought to feature works which showed a combination of high degree of skill, emotional interpretation of the subject, and universal appeal. Art, in the end, has the high calling to stand the test of time, while being of its own time. My hat is off to each entrant. Keep pursuing your art!

Award Juror Comments Image

Carol Stevens


Moonlit Garden



“This abstract landscape is another successful mixed media painting. Through a certain ambiguity of detail, the artist has chosen to explore the feeling of a landscape over the description of one. We are offered a sophisticated composition of shapes, textures values, and colors which put our eyes and minds at work, to recall our own moonlit memories.”

– Juror, Bruce Stebner


Mark Giangaspero           





“This intimate (auto) portrait calls the viewer to reflect (pun intended) on several levels. In the small, meticulously crafted painting, we are challenged to reconcile a stern, masculine face of a certain age, with the reflection of light-hearted flowers in the sun glasses. The final bit of irony (the earthy background aside) seems to be their reference to rose-colored glasses, when, in fact, there’s not a rose to be seen in the reflected bouquet!”

– Juror, Bruce Stebner


Renata DeLuca


Potted Geranium



“When a subtly conceived piece like this keeps luring the eye amidst many bolder contestants, you know you have a winner. The artist has combined various techniques, patterns, representation vs abstraction, and neutral vs intense chroma to create a meditation that brings new insight to the age old bouquet theme.”

– Juror, Bruce Stebner


Tom Mayer


Secret Garden



“This painting won for its asymmetrically balanced composition, strong sense of value, and graphic, hard lined approach to the subject. The three large, flat shapes(two shadow masses and one sky), offer visual rest and anchors to the busyness of the small interlocking shapes, which describe the flora and dappled light on the stairs. The piece is not only well conceived and carefully executed, but also offers an emotional response to the garden subject.”

– Juror, Bruce Stebner


Robert Goldthwaite


Plowed Field



“The loose, descriptive brushwork, combined with the use of color create a winning landscape painting. The one-point perspective naturally carries the viewer through the front planes of the painting, to the rhythmically undulating hills on the horizon. On the furthest plane, the tree line creates a lyrical negative space as it meets the sky. Back in the foreground, the vibrant, warm rose and yellow brush strokes anchor the foreground and bring an interesting contrast to a painting that would otherwise be entirely cool blues and greens.”

– Juror, Bruce Stebner

Accepted Submissions:

2023 Floral & Landscape Accepted Submissions

Full Name CITY, STATE Title CATEGORY Price
Lance Apple Copley, OH Carol Mary’s Dahlia Photographic Media $100
Pat Barker Hudson, OH Grandma’s House Mixed Media $600
Jeanette Bill-Cole Brecksville, OH Tulips Watercolor Media $300
Lou Camerato Akron, OH Spring Garden 2050 A.D. 3-D Media $400
Lou Camerato Akron, OH Moonlit Meadow Mixed Media NFS
April Cameron Akron, OH Creekside Water Based Media $700
April Cameron Akron, OH Blue North Water Based Media $700
Sarah Castrigano Berea, OH Strands Mixed Media NFS
Sharley Chang Copley, OH Summer in the Valley Watercolor Media $150
Kelly Nicola Chiovitti Cuyahoga Falls, OH HMA-0012 Dry Media $70
Deanna Clucas Stow, OH Purple Flags Water Based Media $640
Deanna Clucas Stow, OH Birds of Paradise – Let’s Fly Water Based Media NFS
C. Arthur Croyle Cuyahoga Falls, OH Glen Falls Trail #2 Watercolor Media $600
Martin Darr Mogadore, OH Fairchild Gardens Oil Based Media $1,800
Martin Darr Mogadore, OH Kingwood Oil Based Media $1,600
Renata DeLuca Akron, OH Gated Garden Watercolor Media $1,000
Renata DeLuca Akron, OH Potted Geranium Water Based Media $450
Anthony DeMarco Strongsville, OH Sea Oat Fireworks Photographic Media $140
Marjorie Dettling Akron, OH Tint of Spring Oil Based Media $85
Marjorie Dettling Akron, OH June Gems Oil Based Media $85
Jann Dieringer Fairview Park, OH Burst Mixed Media $250
Jann Dieringer Fairview Park, OH Lacy Bloom Mixed Media $325
Amanda DuPlooy Uniontown, OH If Flowers Were Meteorites 3-D Media $250
Amanda DuPlooy Uniontown, OH Wall of Water 3-D Media $80
Dee Fairweather Medina, OH Golden Hour Oil Based Media NFS
Dee Fairweather Medina, OH Path Back Home Oil Based Media NFS
Gloria M. Fickert Akron, OH Sunny Daisies Watercolor Media $100
Steve Fountain Kent, OH View From Carciano Oil Based Media $420
Teenia Geig Seville, OH Lady Slipper Mixed Media $300
Teenia Geig Seville, OH Bumble Mixed Media $150
Shelly Giangaspero Stow, OH Flowers in Vase 3-D Media $300
Mark Giangaspero Stow, OH Spring Oil Based Media $950
Mark Giangaspero Stow, OH Untitled Oil Based Media $650
Robert Goldthwaite Kent, OH Plowed Field Water Based Media NFS
Robert Goldthwaite Kent, OH Hilltop Water Based Media NFS
Zirka Hayes Portage Lakes, OH Given from the Heart Water Based Media $175
Sally Heston Broadview Heights, OH Sunshine and Shadows Watercolor Media NFS
Jack Hickson Barberton, OH Misty Morning Magic Watercolor Media $600
Barbara Himes Akron, OH Ready for Summer Mixed Media $225
Mary Louise Holly Kent, OH Sunscape Oil Based Media NFS
Mark John Cuyahoga Falls, OH Low Tide Dry Media $600
Mark John Cuyahoga Falls, OH Splendor Dry Media $550
Sandra Johnson Shaker Heights, OH Lake Louise, Ohio Watercolor Media NFS
Judy Adams Jones Richfield, OH Glow in the Dark Oil Based Media $225
Teresa Katsaros Wadsworth, OH Rose-Colored Glasses Water Based Media $600
Danielle Keisling Akron, OH Chance of Frost Water Based Media NFS
Ariel Kent Akron, OH Underneath Photographic Media $100
Therese Kramer Medina, OH Golden Birch Path Mixed Media $250
Pam LaRocco North Canton, OH Misty Morning Watercolor Media $400
Michael Alan Lee Kent, OH Vanishing Skyline Photographic Media NFS
Michael Alan Lee Kent, OH Lichen Finds a Way Photographic Media NFS
James W. Leslie Akron, OH Autumn Run Oil Based Media $725
Ruth Matthews Wauseon, OH Phenomenon Dry Media $500
Ruth Matthews Wauseon, OH Friday Water Based Media $800
Tom Mayer Mogadore, OH Nature’s Textures Watercolor Media $500
Tom Mayer Mogadore, OH Secret Garden Watercolor Media $350
Sharon Frank Mazgaj Uniontown, OH Daffodils and Ducky Oil Based Media $395
Susan Mencini Cuyahoga Falls, OH Kensington Water Based Media $500
Susan Mencini Cuyahoga Falls, OH Redemptive Ode Mixed Media $475
Leo Miller Ravenna, OH Nouveau Desk Lamp 3-D Media $120
Leo Miller Ravenna, OH Photo-Synthetic #2 3-D Media $100
Noreen Molek Col. Station, OH The Lighthouse Watercolor Media NFS
Mary Ann Mosyjowski Akron, OH Dancing Flowers Oil Based Media $550
Jeff Newhouse Akron, OH Lock 4 Photographic Media $125
Jeff Newhouse Akron, OH El Capitan Photographic Media $125
Ed Paradise Mineral City, OH Summer Burst Watercolor Media $275
William Peck Kent, OH Rocks, the Sea, and Weather Water Based Media $700
Missy Perlic Cleveland Heights, OH Bowl Full of Flowers 3-D Media $140
Bob Pozarski Akron, OH Flower Vase 3-D Media $250
Bob Pozarski Akron, OH Rain Makes Flowers 3-D Media $1,100
Robert J. Putka Cuyahoga Falls, OH Hibiscus in the Border Water Based Media $650
Robert J. Putka Cuyahoga Falls, OH Resurrection Lilies and Phlox Water Based Media $650
Patricia Quillin Kent, OH Bleu Morning 3-D Media $125
Patricia Quillin Kent, OH Classified 3-D Media $85
Renae Rotterschmidt Wadsworth, OH Sunrise Pier Water Based Media $300
Derry A. Stauffer Mayfield, OH Adventure Beckons Photographic Media $300
Derry A. Stauffer Mayfield, OH Water Lily by my Canoe Photographic Media NFS
Marie Steele Fairlawn, OH Twilight Oil Based Media NFS
Carol J. Stevens Medina, OH Moonlit Garden Watercolor Media $1,000
Carol J. Stevens Medina, OH Koi Pond Watercolor Media $1,000
Jacqui Sukie Akron, OH Tulip Dream Photographic Media $230
Jacqui Sukie Akron, OH I’ll Always Have Paris Photographic Media $180
Deborah Thomarios Akron, OH Naples Sky Photographic Media $250
Ricky L. Williams Medina, OH Silent Vigil Water Based Media $300
Keith Wisdom Cuyahoga Falls, OH Floral Bouquet Mixed Media $600
Emily Wiser Hudson, OH Untamed Wild Growth 3-D Media NFS
Pollock Youngpole Akron, OH Sister Mary’s Bouquet Photographic Media $200
Johanna Yurak Hudson, OH Fruits of Labor Watercolor Media NFS
Danica Zeise Medina, OH The Golden Garden Dry Media $1,700
Danica Zeise Medina, OH Juin Blooms Mixed Media $125


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