Start Date Tue, January 16, 2018 @ 12:00 PM
End Date Thu, February 8, 2018 @ 5:00 PM
Location The Cuyahoga Valley Art Center

Snow Show Exhibition

January 16th – February 8th

CVAC is excited to provide the community with an insider’s look into the amazing art that artists have created during these chilly winter months. The subject matter of the art work does not have to be snow related. CVAC is simply seeking to reveal the breadth of interests and investigations from our participants recent paintings, sculptures, ceramics and works on paper. CVAC will be accepting submissions on Friday, January 12th from 10:00 – 7:00 PM and Saturday January 13th from 10:00 – 2:00 PM. Cost is $10 per entry, no more than 4 entries will be accepted per artist.

This popular annual exhibition opens on Tuesday January 16th, kicking off the People’s Choice selection process. We invite the public to participate in our People’s Choice voting process that will select the Best of Show, Second-place and Third-place awards. This voting will conclude at 6:30 PM during the public reception to be held on Friday, February 2nd from 5:30-7:00 PM in the main gallery.


Sandra Dennison





William Roush

A Warm Memory            



2nd Place

Denny Stoiber

Early Season Snow         



3rd Place

Tom Baldwin

The Greif of Gaia             



Abigail Delany

Happy Trees      


$90        (sold)

Pat Edwards




Jeanne Fashempour

Birch at Sunset 

Acrylic on Canvas


Sally Heston

January Thaw   



Mandy Peltier

Orchid Blosssoms            

Colored Pencil


Marie Steele

Winter at Moms              



Rick Surowicz

Snowy Pines      



Deborah Zemanek

Barn in the Country        



2018 Snow Show Exhibition Submissions:

Kathy Sobleskie Snow Day Watercolor NFS
Kathy Sobleskie Which Path Will You Choose? Watercolor NFS
Christine L. Peger Icy Reflections Oil $125
Ann Ferguson Kah Flurry Watercolor $140
Ann Ferguson Kah Winter in the Gorge Oil $180
Sally Heston January Thaw Pastel $350 People’s Choice TOP 12
Sally Heston Winter Solitude Watercolor $200
Richard Willett Easy Pickin’s Watercolor $75
Richard Willett Stanford Barn Watercolor $75
Maggie Frame Quiet Winter Road Watercolor $150
Maggie Frame A Rural Morning Watercolor $150
Gardner Boone Waterfall Acrylic $300
Gardner Boone Early Snow Acrylic $300
Pat Edwards Mohawk Watercolor $140 People’s Choice TOP 12
Pat Edwards Refuge Watercolor $140
Pat Edwards Snowy Backroads Watercolor $140
Jeanne Fashempour Owl in Snowy Field Acrylic on Canvas $350
Jeanne Fashempour Alone in the Woods Acrylic on Canvas $450
Jeanne Fashempour Bobcat in the Birch Acrylic on Canvas NFS
Jeanne Fashempour Birch at Sunset Acrylic on Canvas $350 People’s Choice TOP 12
Leo Miller Siberian Snow Queen Glass, Welded Steel, Auto Paint $150
Leo Miller Lapiz Brass, Glass, Welded Steel, Auto Paint NFS
Leo Miller Think Spring Table Welded Steel, Iron, Auto Paint $200
Mary Jo Worthington Where is the Pileated Woodpecker Acrylic NFS
Mandy Peltier Orchid Blossoms Colored Pencil $600 People’s Choice TOP 12
Marie Steele Old Gnarled Tree Oil $425
Marie Steele Winter Path Oil $425
Marie Steele Winter at Moms Oil NFS People’s Choice TOP 12
Marie Steele Moms Winter Shed Oil NFS
Rosemary Burkhart Winter Sunset Watercolor NFS
William Smith String Theory in Green & Gold Mixed Media $340
William Smith Spanish Dancers Mixed Media $240
William Smith Web of Space and Time Mixed Media $240
William Smith Rule of Dark Energy Mixed Media $340
Rick Surowicz Edge of the Woods Watercolor NFS
Rick Surowicz Snowy Pines Watercolor $165 People’s Choice TOP 12
Rick Surowicz Winter Underbrush Watercolor $165
Rick Surowicz Snowy Run Watercolor $165
Deborah Zemanek Country House Watercolor $350
Deborah Zemanek Barn in the Country Watercolor $350 People’s Choice TOP 12
Susan Mencini Winter Hike Acrylic $500
Susan Mencini Eleven Dots Acrylic $250
Joseph T. Dick Colorful Cycles Photograph $120
Joseph T. Dick Snowy Thistle Photograph $100
Joseph T. Dick Lone Goose Under Snowy Tree Photograph $120
Nancy Blucker Fox In Snow Photography $75
Shirley Ende-Saxe The Winter that Made the World Mixed Collage $200
Tom Mayer Left Out in the Cold Watercolor $250
Jeanette Torma The Abbey Pastel $375
Marilyn Bradach Winter in Yosemite Acrylic $250
Jean Jencks First Snow Watercolor $20
Deanna Clucas On the Edge Acrylic $425
Deanna Clucas Winter Sunset Watercolor $95
C. Arthur Croyle Good Company Oil $350
C. Arthur Croyle The Big Falls Oil $450
Stephen Schultz Creekside Pastel $520
Stephen Schultz New Years Eve 2017 Pastel $400
Stephen Schultz Rose of Sharon Sleeps Pastel $400
Laurel Winters Then and Now (Boulder Glacier) Oil NFS
Dara Harper Wisdom of David Acrylic & Parchment Paper on Canvas $500
Diane L. Johnson Selah Acrylic $600
Hilary H. Sheeter Western Farm Watercolor $300
Roy Mowls Mumroe Falls Trail Oil NFS
Joe Dagostino Piedra River Valley Film Photography/Darkroom Print $325
Joe Dagostino Piedra River Valley Sun Burst Film Photography/Darkroom Print $325
Joe Dagostino Winer at the Station Film Photography/Darkroom Print $325
Danica Zeise Bubbles Under Ice Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Metal $70
Danica Zeise Sunset on a Frozen Lake Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Metal $70
Danica Zeise River Ice Melt Acrylic, Alcohol Ink, Metal $70
Carol Comer Frozen Pond Fused Glass $350
Carol Comer Motherhood: Winter Fused Glass $350
Martin Rogers Winter Landscape Watercolor NFS
Martin Rogers Landscape in Violet & Gold Watercolor NFS
Martin Rogers Toskana Landscape Watercolor NFS
William Roush A Warm Memory Watercolor $250 2nd Place
Mo Mosyjowski Natures Queen Mixed $250
Mo Mosyjowski My Back Yard Watercolor $250
Denny Stoiber Early Season Snow Watercolor $250 3rd Place
Tom Baldwin The Greif of Gaia Woodcarving NFS People’s Choice TOP 12
Sandra Dennison Overlook Watercolor $250 BEST OF SHOW
Janet Willis Sailing the Sound Photo $45
Janet Willis Beautiful Bougainvillea Photo $45
Lynda Rinke Beaver Marsh Oil $295
Rosemary Burkhart Snow Storm Watercolor Collage $400
Steve Fountain Brecksville Prairie in Snow Oil $450
Barbara Murray Tannenbaum Watercolor $75
Chelby Benson The American Dream Photography NFS
Chelby Benson An Author’s First Snowfall Photography $75
Keith Gordon Wisdom Under the Sea Colored Pencil & Ink on Paper $850
Keith Gordon Wisdom Girl Colored Pencil & Ink on Paper $750
Keith Gordon Wisdom Taste It Colored Pencil & Ink on Paper $750
Keith Gordon Wisdom Rays Colored Pencil & Ink on Paper $750
Kathy Ault Winter in Mll Creek Pastel $450
Linda Nye Snow Angels Watercolor $145
Susan Check Rock On – Cuyahoga Series Oil NFS
Susan Check Early Riser – Cuyahoga Series Oil NFS
Susan Check Canal Reflection – Cuyahoga Series Oil NFS
Susan Check Frosty Morning – Cuyahoga Series Oil NFS
Carolyn Hogan Double Black Diamond Ski Jump Oil $300
Caroyln Hogan Double Black Diamond Expert Skier Oil $300
Karen Harcourt Yellow Creek Watercolor $100
Karen Harcourt December Dawn Watercolor $75
Karen Harcourt Snow Melt Watercolor $90
Charles Harker Silent Fog Watercolor NFS
Charles Harker Late October Watercolor $150
Charles Harker Along Payne’s Creek, Ohio Casein Nfs
Donna Sedmock Lost Mixed Media $150
Linda Mertus Snow Kidding Collage $150
Joan Zeeb-Roman Along the Tracks in Kent, OH Watercolor $65
Laxmi Roshini Chavali Pieces in the Corner Acrylic $75
Abigail Delany Happy Trees Acrylic $90 People’s Choice TOP 12
Abigail Delany Icy Waves Acrylic $90
Abigail Delany Winter Forest Acrylic $40
Abigail Delany Fox Acrylic $40
Sierra Hampl Church in the Woods Watercolor NFS

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