Chelby Shay is a Visual Arts Teacher at Woodridge High School in Peninsula, Ohio. Encompassing a wide array of materials and techniques, Shay teaches drawing, painting, and ceramics classes while also working to get students involved in creating art outside of the classroom in their Community Art Class. Shay engages students in a variety of projects that challenge students’ creative problem-solving skills. In their years at Woodridge, students have participated in everything from painting water barrels with scenes to promote waterway preservation to city hall murals. Other group projects involve logo designs for the City of Cuyahoga Falls, set designs for school musicals, and pet portraits to promote adoption from local pet agencies. Shay has also led students to create plein-air scenes of the Cuyahoga River.

Each year, Shay organizes teams of students to create pottery for The Empty Bowl Event to raise money for the Family Promise Homeless Shelter of Summit County, an event that has made Woodridge a destination for those across the county. Shay enjoys working with students to tap into the right side of the brain in the performing arts as well as the visual arts. Serving as the director and producer for the Woodridge High School’s theater program, Shay makes art come to life. Shay holds a B.S. in Pre-Kindergarten — 12th grade Art Education from Indiana Wesleyan University. Their personal repertoire lies in ceramic arts and scenic design.

Image credit: Black Dog Photo Co. 

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