For this 42nd exhibition, members of the Whiskey Painters of America (WPA) have elected to donate Whiskey Paintings to be raffled off at the conclusion of the exhibition.  The proceeds from these raffled items will be used to support CVAC’s Vibrant Palette Scholarship Fund. CVAC believes that no one with an interest in taking an art class should be deterred from doing so because of cost. CVAC’s Vibrant Palette Scholarship Fund offers full-class scholarship opportunities to students (2nd Grade – Adult) with an interest in art and a financial need. 

Raffle tickets can be purchased from August 29 through October 4, 2023, at CVAC or over the phone at (330)928-8092, 1 ticket for $10 / 3 tickets for $20 / 10 tickets for $50. Winners will be announced/contacted on October 5, 2023.

Whiskey Paintings, the perfect décor for your home or office, generally sell for a minimum of $75 to as high as $1500, with the average selling price between $150 and $300. Thus, by purchasing a raffle ticket you have the potential to win a Whiskey Painting for as low as $10, while donating to a worthy cause.

To purchase a ticket, stop by CVAC or call 330-928-8092

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